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in canada and the super bowl here in the u.s. now he has his second ring as well. >> he's an inspiration to all of us. >> yeah, he really is. >>> we're looking at a day where -- you know, you haired new york -- you heard new york mayor bloomberg talk about staying inside. we don't have the problems they have but still maybe a da i -- maybe a day to stay inside. with the temperature at 29 we are looking at a windchill down in the low 20s to upper teens. that is what you're dealing with if you're out and about this morning. 55% humidity. the barometer is now climbing as high pressure is building in, 30.07. 20 oakland easton 34 is our temperature. around the immediate area, 25 in westminster, 29 columbia and in rock hall, 31 annapolis and 3 is on kent island. here are the winds that you've been hearing roaring through your neighborhood and whipping past your windows for the last several hours. sustained winds at 23 miles per hour around the beltway. 28 up towards elkin 29 down in dc. the gusts over the last hour have been reported up around 30 to 40 miles per hour down towards dc. 43 mile p
encourage people to split their refund into a savings account, prepaid card, or by purchasing a u.s. savings bond. >> former permission, go to our website at cbsbaltimore.com. >> we are looking at a pretty nice day overall for this time in january. temperatures right on target for what on average for this time of year. 44 degrees. and the sunshine is our friend today. take a look. a clear stretch of the day. calm her wins than yesterday. there's not a windchill to deal with, but 23 degrees. starting temperature at bwi. without a lens making it feel more like the teens or single digits over the last few days. 18 is the dewpoint. wake up to a little frost on the car. the sun will help not that. 80 percent relative humidity. 19 in cumberland, 21 outfit. we are 27 in ocean city. 29 in the nation's capital. in the state capital we have 27. 30 and rock hall, 22 bel air, 23 in columbia, and 21 the temperature in westminster. windsor, on the stay. we did have temperatures reflecting that windchill yesterday and costs up to about 40 miles per hou
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2